Together we can

build a world where future of our youth is safe & healthy


Partnering to build meaningful life and future of our nation.

Dreams is a India based non profitable organization working for various socio-economic challenges like, Climate Change, Poverty Eradication, Education, Skill Development, Financial Inclusion etc…

Founded in June 2008 with an intention to create a world class institution. The Founder Trustees is Ms. Shelly Bapna. Mrs. Bapna has spent long time working as volunteered social worker working with a well known Asian NGO named Blind People Association in Ahmedabad.



— We Find & Fund

We work to find out needs on ground and raise the funds to support those activities, which are inline with our objectives.


— We Build Networks

We strongly believe contribution of every individual is equally important. We keep building our volunteer list.  


— We Educate

We educate individuals on the importance of better future and our objectives. We try  to make them move along with us in this movement. 


— We Run Awareness

Awareness and constant follow ups are the only way to change the habits and thought process of any individual; we follow this ideology closely to improve our future. We take help of latest  technologies to build the momentum and strong follow up.


— We Provide Care

Nurturing is more important then planting or installing facility. We support our creations till it gets self sufficient. 


— We Consult

Consultation to support actions is equally important in change management. We provide regular support and guidance to people who are ready to be environment friendly. 



support us and change the course of our future and life today!